What I don‘t offer?


A wellness massage is for relaxation and prevention!

A massage from your massage therapist does not replace a doctors visit. I make no diagnoses and offer no medical treatment. During the anamnesis we will discuss, if a massage is OK for you or not. In certain deseases a massage is not indicated. For Example: Acute injuries, open wounds, thrombosis, acute cancer, when you take blood thinning medication, circulatory deseases or other infectious deseases (list is not complete). Please tell me upfront about your diseases. During pragnancy a Thai Massage is not possible, for people with migraine only limited. When you are not sure, if a massage is good for you, please consult your doctor and bring a confirmation.


Reaction of the skin

Although I only use special massage oils, creams and lotions an allergic reaction can appear. If you know you have an intolerance, please let me know. Of course you can also bring your own oil or lotion.


After a massage

Reaction of your muscles and skin

Your skin can become a little red, because the blood flow was stimulated . After a sports massage it can appear that you feel like you have a little muscle soreness. This is also normal. If you have any questions, don‘t hesitate to ask.


I dissociate myself from other massage therapists, who offer or attract with a medical treatment. Only state-certified masseurs, medical doctors, naturopaths or state-cerified physiotherapists are allowed to do that!